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October 10, 2000
read the article today in USA TODAY---think it is a cool thing that you are doing--I am turning 30 in a couple of months and have similar thoughts about just picking up and doing something different, traveling etc...I just don't think I will get the courage to do it.
--you only live once--good luck and have fun.

October 10, 2000
Best of luck on your journey. I recentley bought a 24 foot Midas-GMC RV. LOL But I seldom use it. I guess that I will enjoy the journey through you. Give me a call when you get to Dallas and we will take you to dinner or lunch and give you the half hour tour. You can also park for a day or few and take a break if you want. I also have a lot of friends in Houston and Albuquerque if you need a good rest when you are out that way. We are all Greyhound people but like all dogs.

October 10, 2000
After I left Lycos I took a month and a half to cruise around the country, mostly camping in National Parks and such.
If you're going to the mountains, keep in mind that they're cold even in the summer.
Have fun.

October 10, 2000
Read about your adventure in the paper today........Iam so excited for you....I've been kicking around the idea of doing the same thing but just haven't mustarded up the courage. Maybe your experiences will egg me on.
Good Luck!